Real Life Sex Experiences

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Freaky Story #1

I have never told anyone about this before. My experience all started on the bus with this guy named Brandon. Normally, I’m shy and rarely speak to guys; especially when I am alone. I was not surprised that he was staring at me because I am pretty. People encourage me to try modeling and in many ways, he looked like a model himself. He was handsome, tall, with this yummy caramel skin. I went from shy to aggressive and asked him if planned to stop staring or ask me for my phone number. He nodded that he wanted the number so I gave it to him. He called that same night and we talked for about a week. We only discussed being friends and sex honestly did not cross my mind; at first. I went over to his apartment the following week, confident that he wouldn’t try anything, but he opened up the door wearing nothing but shorts. He had just finished showering and his skin was glistening. He had muscles for days and suddenly I realized he was going to be my man.

He was watching a movie and I did not ask him to change the channel. There was a lot of tension in the beginning, then he asked me to sit closer to him. He kissed me on the neck, which shocked me because I did not believe he was that physically into me based on our phone conversations. He unzipped the front of my black dress and licked and sucked on my breasts. He whispered in my ear, “Have you ever had your pussy eaten before?” I replied, “No, never.” I did not want him to do it either but then he asked me to be his girl. He we bold enough to say he wanted me to be his wife. I felt like sex that night was out of the question. What kind of way was that to start a relationship?

Yet, his kiss was so on point that he had my entire body shivering.  I gave in and allowed him to do whatever he wanted to do; beginning with eating me out. It felt so good as he went up and down and round and round with his tongue. All of a sudden his cousin walks in and he wants to taste me also. I let him go for it and went from having my first oral sex experience to having my first threesome. Brandon climbed on top of me and fucked me better than anyone had before him. I was so wet and tight and he was the perfect fit; like a hand to a glove. We were so spent from the first go round, we could not manage a second. Three days later, I came back yearning for some more. This time I went down on him. I had sworn to never suck a dick but I felt he needed to be rewarded for sexing me so damn good. I wasn’t bad at all, I even liked it, and now I can’t stop sucking dick. I’m even into swallowing. You probably think we were just going to have a sex thing for a while and part ways. Wrong. We’re loving the hell out each other and we’re engaged.

Freaky Story #2

They say frat boys are hornier than any other kinda college guy. I didn't believe it because he was cool, calm and quite collected. This sexy as hell Hispanic joined a black fraternity and my,  my, my, Poppie was yummy from the floor up. He had the sexiest body & smile, pure Latino perfection. The party ended about 2AM and picked back up at the frat house about 2:15.
Me and my girls were ready to go. Each young philly was hot to trot and doing her damn thing. We watched Poppie and his brothas all night doing their line step across the floor and each of us picked one out to take home. Every girl for herself, I thought. I said nothing all night as about 5 of the 10 girls verbally picked Poppie to be their fuck buddy that night.
He paid no mind to any of us (or so I thought). Why should he? Girls were gawking at him all night anyway. Of course all my girls went in for the kill, each making a failed attempt at hooking him at the after party.

By this time, it was about 3:30 and  hell, my drink needed a serious refreshing. It became frustrated because I couldn't find anyone with anything other than beer. After looking aimlessly for about 15 or 20 minutes for something decent to knock the edge off of my fatigue, a soft, deep and sexy voice reached out and grabbed me making my pussy instantly soaked. The voice
said,  "You look like you could use a drink." I stood there cup in hand and damn near drooling when I managed to fumble the words,  "You got something?" He nodded and led me straight to his room through the crowd of people dancing and grinding and throwing up (pissy drunk).

When we got to the room he asked me had I ever drank Bacardi 151 (Puerto Rican Rum) I said no but trying to stay cool, I said  "But I am sure I can handle it" He responded,  "STRAIGHT?" I said,  "YEAH" That had to be to best mistake I had ever made. I got drunk after 2 burning coconut cup full of the stuff. I immediately started pulling on him and sucking on him, telling him I had been eyeing him all night and that I wanted him. He asked if I was sure. I managed a severe, YES!!!!! He tossed me on the bed and I began to really get excited. He held my legs open and started to lick my clit until I moaned. I moaned and whimpered because I could feel his dick rise through his pants with the point of my toe. I knew this dick was gonna be good. I tried to get up and start a new position for fear that if I came for the 5th time there won't be anything
left when he gets up there (stupid college notions). He didn't let me up, he held me down and went right on sucking my pussy. He went as deep with his tongue as his finger. He drank the juices straight from my inside and spread them all over until he was ready to join me up top.

He turned me around and ripped off the remainder of my already tattered panties and delivered a dick so heavy in me that I could almost feel  it coming though my throat. He plunged in with long deep strokes as my pussy juices dripped down his leg. Poppie wouldn't stop thrusting. I thought he was going for an Olympic goal or something. He lifted my leg, tossed me upside
down, Held me up with zero gravity, 69-ed me, fucked me on the floor, the walls, the computer table, and every other surface in the tiny room that would hold up. He butterflied me so deep that me g-spot erupted and I came six straight more times before he could even dream of cumming once. When he did cum, I was almost relieved although, I was in pure heaven. Then
to top it off, I topped him off. I had never given head before but he was a great teacher and so he got a lot that night. We fought like a couple of wrestlers in a Sumo match. It was amazing!

By this time, My Girls were so drunk that they didn't even notice that I was gone. They took a cab home and left me to do the Bacardi 151 romp with Poppie all night. When I woke up the next morning my pussy was so sore. Worst of all (and don't laugh but) I had a swollen mouth from my first dick sucking session that looked like I was beat up.  I mean that shit was fucked up for almost 2 straight days. Thank God it was the weekend, and I didn't have classes. My girls all wondered how it happened, I told them that I had an allergic reaction to my make up. THAT WAS MY STORY AND WAS STICKING TO IT!! Those bitches couldn't take it if I actually said, I was fucking the man y'all wanted last night, sucked his dick for about 2 hours
collectively and that is how my mouth got fucked up. The would have died. So I rubbed it in later. That is... after the 20th or 30th time with Poppie. That was years ago and he still remains one of my best sex-capades.


Freaky Story #3


About three years ago me and my man was working together at Nordstrom's Rack. When the shift first started we were in different departments but for some reason our supervisor asked him to help out in our department. I was busy scanning shoes and my man walked on the row I was on. At this time I was standing on a step stool scanning some shoes on the top rack. my man stand's 6'9" just to let you know. He comes behind and lick my ass crack. I looked backed at him and smiled he did it again but this time he stuck his hand down my pants and rubbed my ass like he always do. the supervisor announced over the loud speaker that it was lunch time. my ass was so horney so  I told him we only got thirty minutes so lets get it on. We got in our SUV and he finished the job he licked my ass and sucked my pussy so well I just wanted to taste him and feel him inside of me so bad so I started giving him the best head ever. he turned me around and started beating my shit up like their was no tomorrow. I mean he was fucking the shit out of me . then I got on top and led him into a wonderful climax. we went back to work late of course and told them that we had an emergency at the house and left to finish what we started. we parked on the other side of the store and finished what we started. we switched positions and gave each other head on and off for about an hour and then we went home showered and fucked all night.

Freaky Story #4

I know a man with a beautiful Dick, I mean the contrast, the form and don't forget thickness and length. We'll this man Mr. Pretty....let me just describe Pretty before I tell you my escalade....this man sexy bronze, succulent lips a work of art physique broad chest big strong arm's athlete thighs and I told you before nice man print a smile to light up the world and make your heart melt.  Now I had briefly met Pretty before at a holiday party given.....and months to fall at an associate's house we spoke but no one every made a move.... Anyway a year goes by and I'm visiting a girlfriend, and who comes thru the door...mmmmm Pretty I remember that Friday.  He says he was watching me while I was watching him. This is the third time me and Pretty had ran into each other, my friend pulls out the cards some people rally up to play spades, I stay posted in the corner checking Pretty out, he says to me "your name is T right?" I tell him "Yes." He then said "come over here and sit next to me and help me play spades," of course, I stand up and make my way over to him, he slides a seat over for me and I sit down. We play a couple of hours both us being flirtatious with one another.  Night was falling and since it was Friday we all decided to go a nightclub. Coming out the house Pretty asked me to ride with him instead of driving myself, I didn't say no.  As soon as we enter me and pretty head for the dance floor, dancing so close I could feel the form of his masculine body.  We danced on and on and it seemed as if I had known Pretty all my life. His body connecting to mine our body's wet together. Me and Pretty slip outside to get some air, and my body is already craving this man. All of a sudden he pulls me closer and my cookies got wetter, I put my lips on his kissin his wet mouth made me throb deep inside, and all I could think of was...damn I'm gone get me some of this sexy man.  After a few interruptions we parted lips and returned to the dance floor, a few drinks in between but a lot of dancing.  At the end of the night I was wet from sweat as well as my juices below.  After the clubs everyone pretty much was splittin' up, leaving me and Pretty alone together. And oooooo if you knew the things I wanted to do to him, and him do to me.  Pretty turned to me and said "so what you wanna do?" I replied with my sexiest voice and look "what do you wanna do"...he smiled and said I don't know we'll figure it out" I got in and we rode around passing by some scenic area's and as we rode I was thinking to myself "'re both adults and shit if you wanna fuck him then just tell him" so I told him well not in so many words but I'm sure he got the idea because he took me to my car and followed me home, as soon as I opened the door .......damn. We clung to each other kissin,' rubbin,' pullin' of clothes shit............all I could think of this man's mouth roaming my body, and hoping that he went downtown. He laid me down gently ... rubbed my head..... massaged my body....brushed his lips against my neck and ooooooooooo dayummmm... he does go downtown....he spread me open with is finger sending electrical currents fluttering' inside. He extended his long tongue and slide up and down my peach, tastin' my sweetness up and down and then deep in me while my peach sucked on his tongue.  He then lifted his head and brought is tongue to my clit beginning with slow strums' and the sensation began to rise higher when I moaned out "suck it baby" eat like you hungry baby." That must have turned him on causehe sucked the hell out of my pussy having me grind on his face.  Almost climaxing for him to lighten up and let me subside only to bring me to the edge until I couldn't hold it any longer cummin' so hard my body tensed up then felt so free. Then to have him hover over me slowly pushin to get inside this warm wet peach. oooooooo he's in,  and dayummmmmmmmmmm all that I thought it would be...rising and falling together came natural satisfying myself while I listen to the moans and groans of Pretty with every moan and every single groan made my peach open up more swallowin' more Dick with him hitting my spot moistening' up my love.....rhythm sped up as we fucked to a more intensity... a hunger pussy milked on his Dick massaged his man with every stroke.  Then I said "let me get on top" this way I could rock on the Dick show began to ride him. I teased the tip of his Dick with my clit...rubbin the head against my clit until I made myself cum.  He said to me" tell me how you like it" "doggie style" was my reply.  He bent me over spread my puss apart and pushed his rock hard Dick in me........dayum I thought to myself he got me tingling told him "fuck me I want you to be mean to this pussy" be mean to it. "Yeah hit this pussy, make me cum baby" all right...shit Dick from the right Dick from the left up-down rotating' makin sure all walls was touched.  Pretty had me on another level an outer body experience only to cum over and over again.  Pretty was fuckin the shit out of me flipping' me this and that way picking me up handlin' me....dicking me long hard and strong......shit IM about to cum again baby, I told him not givin a fuck who heard "cum baby, cum for me" and I did again and again until finally Pretty reached climax and he stringed dicked me untilI felt the throb of his Dick in me.  We lay for a while, this was a long night of passion and lust satisfying each other.  Gettin off on the other's moans and groans.  Years would go by and plenty of fuckin done, every time feelin like the first.  All the Pretty I want, I even learned how to suck a Dick with his instruction.  And now every chance I get I want his Dick in my mouth, suckin while I pay with his nuts, rubbin my lips up and down his shafts goin' crazy on the Dick.... handlin it.  Up until he reach climax I then take and stroke it until he cums on my breast I then rub his Dick between my tits only to return his Dick back to my mouth for round two. By the way he's my husband now.

Freaky Story #5


Hi Zane

I asked, When you close your eyes and think of me what do you see? and this is what he wrote...............................enjoy every time I close my eyes with a thought of you , I see you standing in a crowded area, not sure where you are, but you don't see me coming from behind. As I get closer your scent is stronger and more intense, possibly its the sexual energy you bring from inside of me that makes me sense you more. As my arms engulf you , your head tilts back to come to rest on my chest. As your sexy body comes to rest against mine you can feel me growing harder against you as you grind your ass slowly into me, slowly I let my hands begin to explore you. First I grip your hip with my right hand and pull you closer and grind my now fully erect manhood between your tight butt cheeks. As I hear your moan slowly rise up from deep inside of you , my left hand begins to slowly trace up your side coming to rest at the bottom of your breast. As my hand explores your breast I feel your hard nipple, and begin to caress it through your cloths. As your nipple gets harder you tilt you lovely face just enough for our lips to touch, and I trace your lips and the tip of your tongue with mine. The heat of your mouth forces my hips forward into you. I feel your hand reaching around to squeeze my ass and pull me into you even more. At that moment we realize that we are really in a train station awaiting a train.........A slow train to anywhere , it doesn't matter as long as out private car is close by. As we board the train, I watch you walk up the steps and want so badly to take you there and be the lover you command of me, but I know I must wait...our car is only a short walk away. Once inside the car you allow me to remove your coat , and proceed to slowly make love to every exposed part of your body. As I remove each article of clothing I am allowed to adore that body part at a slow steady tender pace. As your desire rises you push me back on the bed and straddle me and begin to let me kiss your mouth and explore your mouth and tongue with so much passion our heart beats racing, I feel your hands all over my body and you now control the rhythm that our bodies are now grinding against each other...........As you undress me your soft lips begin to explore my body and your tongue teases my nipples as you begin your exploration of my body........The feeling of your skin against me makes me want to be in you and closer to you .............There you go baby, the rest is up to you...if you want to complete this dream.

Freaky Story #6

I work in a fairly conservative corporate office in downtown DC where I am the only Black male in mid-level management. From the first day I started working here, I noticed that very few of  the Black women would even speak to me.  In fact the only ones who befriended me was the security guard on the first floor and our main receptionist. One day I forwarded one of Zane's newsletters to the receptionist and she responded to me a few days later. She asked me how reading the newsletters made me "feel."  I told her they turned me on and they were a good break from work.  Her next email message pleasantly shocked me. She told me that she was turned on right at that very moment and asked if I would mind "getting together."  Naturally, I quickly agreed and we arranged to meet in my office first so I could perform oral sex on her. I think doing this in the office was the first time for both of us because we were both kinda scared.  I remember being incredibly turned on though at the sight of her perfectly trimmed bush and her shapely thighs. For the next several weeks, we would fuck often in my office. We fucked on the floor and on my table. each time we did it, there were other folks in the office but I was mid-level management, no one ever came barging into my office. She has moved on to another job now, but I think of very often.

Freaky Story #7

Once upon a time I was attending a jazz session at a local college one night. Seated next to me was a very attractive lady who seemed to be enjoying the performance immensely. She was physically into the session, bouncing and gyrating to the music as if her whole body was involved in it.

I commented to her how good the sounds were. She was not bashful in responding to me, agreeing that they were really good. Then she went on to explain who the musicians were, by name. I had never heard of many of them, and told her so. We exchanged small talk throughout the session, when near closing I asked if she were married. She said she was not, and I asked if I could call her sometimes, at which time she promptly scribbled her home and work phone number on my copy of a program.  Turns out she is a Ph.D. Professor in the Drama department at the University. One day I called her and requested she meet me for drinks at a local pub after work. She agreed. That evening we met, had drinks, a sandwich and exchanged information on each other. I asked her if she was dating, at which she said she really didn't have the time to date exclusively but was amenable to going for walks and an occasional drink when time permitted. She actually lived within walking distance from where I lived.

Several Saturday mornings we would go for walks, and have very stimulating conversation. We would have lunch at the Super Salads Restaurant on occasion. She had traveled to Africa several times, and sometimes brought snapshots along that she had taken. She enjoyed explaining about her visits to the motherland while we ate.

By now we had become good friends and was very comfortable in each other's presence. We talked on just about any topic.

One evening, after we had gone walking, she left my house in her car going to the nearby grocery. She always drove to my house and parked her car there while we walked. As I was watching the evening news my doorbell rang. It was her. She came in, sat down smiling. She asked what exactly did I want in a relationship. When I told her she promptly said, " Since I really don't have the time for a relationship per se' how about being my fuck buddy?"

She said she just needed to be held and cuddled by a man from time to time, and was willing to be physical for him in return. It was an offer I could not refuse, and the rest is history. She eventually took leave of absence from the University to teach in Africa for a year. To say I am eagerly waiting for her return would definitely be an understatement!

Freaky Story #8

When I was married I would go out to the clubs on weekends. I always went out with the guys, while my wife would spend time visiting with the other ladies in the neighborhood doing small talk and playing cards.

There was this really attractive neighbor who had a really nice figure. She had separated from her husband, who lived in another city located some distance away. She taught at one of the local colleges.

She was very friendly, and visited our house on a regular basis. She sometimes wore a bathing suit or a body suit. She had lots of pubic hair which showed around the edges of her outfits. Black women didn't cut their pubic hair at that time.

Being the visual creature I am, the appearance of her pubic hair was quite arousing to me, but I never approached her in a sexual way. 

One Saturday night I had gone to the club, had a few drinks, shot the bull with some friends then decided to go home. When I arrived home my wife wasn't there. I wasn't ready to go to bed so I walked down to this neighbor's house. My wife and she were playing spades and asked me to join them.., which I did.

This neighbor was somewhat scantily dressed, which was no big deal because she usually wore very revealing clothing anyway.
We played spades for a while, then drifted off into general conversation, which led to sex topics. I just blurted out, in the midst of this conversation, "Why don't we have an orgy?"

The conversation continued, as if I hadn't said anything, and I didn't repeat what I had suggested. About two weeks later I was home watching a football game, when this neighbor rang my doorbell. She had come up to visit my wife, who was in another room watching something else on TV. 

They talked for a while, then my wife called me to her room. She and this neighbor was sitting on the bed talking. When I came into the room she said to me "remember when you suggested that we have an orgy?" I said yes. She said "we have decided to do it." I was blown out the water, because I never thought my wife would agree to such.

I was so shocked I could hardly speak. This neighbor said "well, are you going to do it or what?" I finally mustered up enough strength to say "yes, now?" "Now they said, almost in unison." We called it Recreation Sex. It lasted for almost a year, and believe me when I say this was a very exciting time in my life, and one that I will never forget. We met for sex almost every weekend. I would ask my wife to call my neighbor to see if she wanted to get together. She would always call with no questions asked, and the neighbor would always agree.  I believe every man has fantasized about having a threesome, and to be able to do it right in my own home, with my wife a willing participant was the bomb!!

The only problem we had as a result of this triad was jealousy between the women, trying to be the one to get my climax. It was great for me though, having two women really work me over for that climax. Other than that we remained great friends until one day this neighbor met a guy who was willing to spend lots of money on her. We finally ended our rendezvous,
but still remained friends till this day.

Freaky Story #9

I sucked a brotha's dick in the bathroom at a 4th of July picnic and never saw his ass again.  It's all good though because I loved it.

Freaky Story #10

I was bored one Friday night and tried to persuade my roommate to go to a club but she refused. She was planning to wash her hair and do her nails for a big date the next day with some guy she met on the sidewalk outside her office building. I had just ended a long-term relationship and I dreaded staying at home so I went to a club by myself. I met this fine ass stranger and we danced for a couple of hours and had a few drinks. One thing led to another and we ended up in my backseat doing the nasty. We exchanged names but not numbers. I was ashamed because I had never had a one-night stand before. The next day, I was cooking dinner when the doorbell rang. I opened it up and it was my roommate's date. I guess he was just as stunned as I was because we both pretended like we didn't know each other when she made the formal introductions. He went through with the date but never called her again. She complained that he had a bad attitude all night and she wished she had never met him.

Freaky Story #11

My live-in boyfriend's twin sister came to spend a couple of weeks with us in Chicago. My boyfriend is a workaholic so she and I spent a lot of time together shopping and I showed her around town. One night, while he was working overtime as usual, we both got drunk and started getting touchy-feely. Before I knew it, she was going down on me and as it turns out, she eats pussy better than he does. When we heard his key hit the lock, I jumped up off the couch, grabbed my pants and panties and ran into the bedroom so I could put them back on. His sister spoke to him and then went to brush her teeth. We ordered a pizza, watched a video and she and I pretended nothing had happened. He wanted to fuck me later that night and I turned him down. I was too busy thinking about the head his sister had thrown on me. She left two days later and it has never been mentioned again. I still live with him and I have a feeling he'll pop the question any day now.

Freaky Story #12

This brief event is something I am proud of for finding my mind freeing Mistress and true soul mate . I 'll share it with you. I must admit that this isn't my norm to let another know my most exciting and treasured sexual experience , but after reading some of your entries goes...

It started years ago in a Baltimore College. I was very in tuned to this wonderfully mixed heritage woman. She intrigued me with everything about her. I made it my mission to capture her attention ; and what I got opened my mind and eyes. She dated me for about a month and finally asked me to her apartment off campus which turned out to be a BDSM<Bondage Discipline Sadomasochism> dungeon. She taught me over a short period of time to allow spankings , nipple piercing and mild bondage. Most men would rather do the spanking and teasing of a women's body ;but my Domina Janel has taught me to allow leather, latex and fetishes to become a mainstay in "my" life. She became my Mistress and I loved her using my body as a playground of discovery. She tied me at the wrist and ankles one night pulling my wrist back towards my ankles as I kneeled on her bed . I was blindfolded and guided through an intense teasing session by her dragging the softest whip across my body . She then clamped my nipples with nipple clamps and added a small weight on the chain to tug at them . My senses were reaching overload as I was used for her pleasures of torture and pain; ohhh my goodness what a pleasure though !! After her teasing and whipping my nipples gently , she took me over her knee and made my pecan tan rear glow a warm maroon. A session with my Mistress I will never forget. Afterwards I was allowed to give her head, which I did willingly for My Mistress. That night I was made love to by my Mistress and slept with my leather collar around my neck as a reminder of her ownership of my mind, body and soul. I love you Mistress.

Freaky Story #13

My freakiest sexual adventure happened on a quiet, hot summer night about 7-8 years ago in Harlem. It was near 2am. I was returning from a card party that had started about 7pm or so that Saturday evening. and was driving home. While on my way home, I saw a lady friend (whom I'll call Nadia) that I hadn't seen in a number of years. She was walking home in the vicinity of East 120th Street and Park Avenue. I slowed down in my car and yelled out to her. She turned, but didn't recognize me at first. When I kept speaking to her, she started smiling and told me that she was so happy to see me. I told her likewise, and I asked her if she wanted a lift home. She stated that she wasn't going to go in just yet, so she got in the car and we kicked it for a while. She told me that she had left some friends from the west side of Harlem. We reminisced and just had a nice time talking. I asked her how her dad was (a noted jazz musician), and she told me that he was doing well, and that he was still doing his gigs.

One thing led to another and the conversation went to what was happening in our personal lives. She told me that she was in a fucked up relationship, and that her boyfriend never found time to be with her. At the time, I was in a relationship that was o.k., but there surely was room from improvement. Our conversation got even on a more personal level-sexual talk. While the lady and I never had a relationship in the past, we always like each other. The turning point that night was me asking her when was the last time he man had made love to her. I felt comfortable asking because I'd known her for a long time, and the vibe I was getting was a sexual one. She told me that it was a number of weeks-and then came right out and said, "if you 're asking me that, then you gotta fuck me". Was I surprised somewhat? Yes. But this brother recovered and told her, "ok, let's head to a hotel to get it on". She said because of the time (about 2am), that she didn't feel like driving to one-plus she had to be up later that morning.

At her urging, we headed a few blocks south to the parking lot of a public school. There were already cars parked on the site as there usually are on the weekends, so this made it relatively easy to blend in so to speak. I drove behind a few rows of cars and was ready. I didn't know about her at that point, my stuff was throbbing like mad. Nadia was about 5'7" tall, maybe about 135 lbs., black curly shoulder length hair, and long, well defined legs. She was wearing cuffed, charcoal colored shorts...a matching jacket and I think a gray or black silk blouse. Those lovely legs of hers were accentuated by a pair of charcoal colored sling back pumps. She wore no pantyhose.

I remember we kissed a little in the front seat of my car. Deeply passionate, the kisses predictably opened up our collective love zones. I remember during one of those kisses I ran my fingers up one of her thighs, under the charcoal colored dress shorts she was wearing, right to her crotch. Before I even tried to let my fingers slide under her panties, I was really turned on by how hairy she was and how wet her pussy was. Her crotch was absolutely soaked.

After hearing her melody in my ears, which I'll call, "softly sighing", she pulled back and told me she was ready. But was I ready for what she had in mind? She went into her purse and took out a small tube of lubricant. Quickly removing her clothes, I remember I tried to keep pace. She reclined her seat back. Putting one foot on the dashboard and the other near the top of the front passenger window, I do remember that she looked at me, almost shyly and said, "I want you to screw me back here". While pointing to her now exposed ass/anus. Admittedly I was shocked a little. I mean I'd had no more than a couple of anal experiences prior to our meeting. And none of them were successful. "Are you sure?" I asked her. She said she was. I got up in the somewhat cramped space  (I was driving a 1987 Nissan Sentra), with an extremely stiff dick in my hand. I thought she was going to turn around for the 'doggy style' session, but NOT!  She took her feet off of the dashboard and the passenger window....and put her legs up high with her knees tight up against her chest, while reclined in her chair. Taking the lubricant, she covered her anus real good. I almost put my condom on backwards I was so excited. I got on top of her and was very tentative at first. She kept telling me to, "Just c'mon...don't worry. I'll be all right". I also remember looking around too-to make sure no one was peeping us in the car.

Once I was all the way in her ass, I was saying to myself, "Daaaayum!" As her muscles gripped me thoroughly and firmly, I proceeded to fuck her like I hated her. I was deep drilling her ass.....and the sista didn't even flinch! The only asshole that I had ever seen take a pounding like the one I was giving hers, was the 'Latin from Manhattan'...Ms. Vanessa DelRio. Between her muffled screams and my moaning/nasty talk, our liaison ended in a deep thrusted cumful experience.

Freaky Story #14

I went to a house party.  I noticed a shy looking guy in the room-Sexy as hell-mysterious looking.  We initially spoke in passing, then my good friend started talking to him and they exchanged numbers.  Not long after she left the party,   he and I started talking -very general at first.  The conversation turned into sexual innuendo's and a lot of lip licking and that sort of thing. Serious sexual vibes, after about an hour of talking ourselves into a sexual frenzy, he told me that my friend and him were going to start talking.  Anyway we decided we were both horny and let's go for it.  We started in the car, I was giving him head in the parking lot and in the car.  We went to a secluded place and just had freaky as sex in the car  in the front seat, the back seat and outside of the car.  The clincher is-he and my friend have been kicking it for a while now. He and I speak in passing and it was never mentioned again-we both enjoyed it and agreed we would act like it never happened.  This happened before they were officially dating.

Freaky Story #15

College was the best thing that ever happened to my sex life.  I was 600 miles away from home and no one knew me at all where I went to school.  I made close friends but my girlfriends couldn't help me with my 21st birthday party.  My boyfriend at the time was acting up and I was tired of being horny or wearing out my dildo so I decided to go out for the evening with one of his frat brothers that had been trying to talk to me.  He said we'd go back to his place which was fine but I totally forgot he lived 45 minutes outside of town.  So once I got there I was in for the night at least.  Which was fine because I needed servicing.  It didn't take too long before we were both naked in the middle of his bedroom and I was practicing for the oral sex Olympics.  He was huge but I'm always up for a challenge.  After I swallowed the first nut and he was still hard I got excited.  I took the condoms from my purse and slipped one on him before I climbed on top.  He was quite as big as my boyfriend, he was hung like a horse, but he still represented for the frat.  Well at least I thought he was going to initially but after an intense hour of hard sweaty position switching sex I still wasn't tired.  He was a few years older than me and had had it for at least a while which wasn't helping me at all.  Lucky me that he lived with a house full of fraternity brothers and Omega men always love to help out their fellow man: especially when that man is a naked horny woman.  I started off with the roommates who were scattered across the house.  They were a little startled at first but either the head or the pussy snapped them out of.  I ended up in a series of threesomes all over the house until getting fucked like there was no tomorrow and having my mouth full of some of the biggest and best tasting dicks I've ever had the pleasure to encounter.  They were all different sizes and colors and I felt like a kid in a candy store until two hours later when we were out of condoms and they were looking a little tired.  I got lucky again that night, well multiple times if you count all those orgasms, as one of the guys got up and ran to the all night gas station for some more condoms and he brought back a few other fraternity members.  I know you are thinking enough already what the hell is wrong with you but my sex drive was in overdrive that night and they had brought me the most awe inspiring specimen of a man to help finish me off.  He was a quarterback at the PWI by my school.  6 feet tall not an ounce of muscle on him and freaky as all hell.  The final round of reinforcements licked me, fucked me and stuck me in every possible enjoyable manner I could think of.  I had my first truly screaming orgasm that night as a variety of tongues caressed my breasts and the quarterback long stoked me.  After that I needed a quick break and they all fell out wherever they were.  When my energy came back I was looking for someone else to play with but most of them had fallen asleep around the house.  So I went back to the bed that had started the evening's festivities off and found my original date half asleep and unwilling to play.  As I started dozing off the neophyte that had fucked me blind on the steps climbed into bed behind me and filled me back up with his nice hard dick.  Unfortunately for me we both fell asleep and didn't get to finish that orgasm till the next morning.  That was the start of a beautiful cum filled weekend the bruhs of Omega Psi Phi.
Disclaimer: the writer of this story blends in so well with everyone else you'd never see her coming unless of course you were lucky enough to see her cumming and just for the record she has incredibly high self esteem just an almost insatiable sex drive to match it.


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