BY K-JiO

All Rights Reserved by Author


I lick my lips, at an eye blink
Because of the thoughts of you I think
That make my urges cry the cries
Of erogony; which makes my nature rise
Longing to feel the fruit of a queen
To kiss your hips, and the lips in between
To feel you spiritz like an orange, just peeled
To your essence,... I yield

I lick my lips of thoughts at best
As my lips take suck to your breast
And nibble the nipples precious and tender
To hear the beat of your heart, to which I surrender
To nuzzle your neckline of fine texture and tone
Down between the center of your breast bone
To rest my ear in your bosom, and start
To stop and listen to the beat of your heart

I lick my lips as my mind goes hush hush
With the thoughts of kissing your lips, so luscious
Tasting you tasting me, tasting each other
Exchanging oral flavors, one to another
Passionate twiddling of tongue, sends my tastes buds swirling
Wrestling, sliding, twisting, twirling
Curling, flexing, pushing, sliding
Bending, caressing, waving, riding

I lick my lips at the appeal
Of the anticipated thought and delicious feel
Of your warm wet twat, as I slide in my rack
And the pillowy softness of your ass, as I hit it from the back
Riding your pussy like sound on a sound wave
Pulsing, in and out of your love cave
You make me ooh and ah, while in and out of you I dip
And the only way I can express this feeling is by the licking of my lips

Written by: K-JiO
(c) 1999

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